Warren Paul Harris

To cut to the chase, so to speak, the obvious reason for this website is to sell some art. New York City art, to be precise... But we also want to make a difference.

Unique in it's diversity, soaring columns of steel, glass and concrete pierce the sky above Manhattan with dramatic results. Thc combination of styles, from Art Deco to Gothic and Ultra Modern, is an Architectural Photographer's wet dream. The images on this site are primarily from a 2011 trip to New York, taken by Texas photographer Warren Paul Harris.

This collection provides an opportunity for those not fortunate enough to have visited this cosmopolitan city, to see it through the trained eye of a world traveler and professional photographer / architect / artist. Warren's unique background in architecture, construction and art, gives him a certain perspective, which which he captures the drama and grandeur of his subjects.

Our Purpose
Choosing a name for the site was one of those "A-Ha" moments. It occurred to Mr. Harris that Red Delicious would be the perfect homage to "The Big Apple", as few cities are as truly delicious as New York City from not only a cuisine standpoint, but also an architectural position as well. The Red Delicious apple is not only the most recognizable brand, but also has a classic, chiseled shape.
As a result of his many years in the Media, Warren Paul Harris has been affiliated with a number of industry organizations..,
Charitable Contributions
Feeling is is vital to give back something to society, Warren Paul Harris has been involved with more than one charitable organization..,
Client List
As a professional photographer and photojournalist, Warren Paul Harris works on many high-visibility projects every year..,
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Our Commitment
Warren Paul Harris has long felt it is the duty of every citizen of this planet to make a difference in the lives of his / her fellow citizens whenever possible. To that end, most of his projects are designed to benefit a non-profit organization that will, in turn, assist someone in need.