Our Other Projects

9-11 Memorial
The 9-11 Memorial series consist of three images of the Twin Towers as photographed from the Statue of Liberty in August of 2000. Added to these photos in a combination image, created from one of the World Trade Center photos, combined with an American Flag from a 2008 Firefighters Memorial parade in Denton, Texas.
25% of all sales of these images goes directly to Friends of Firefighters, a Brooklyn-based non-profit foundation.

Texas As I See It (coffee table book)
Composed of images of the Lone Star State captured between 2007 and 2011, this 13"x11" coffee table book will fascinate you for hours. 204 heavily-processed photographs spanning 160 pages take you on an unusual journey across the largest state in the "lower forty-eight".

Warren's Tuscany
Without question, one of the most beautiful places on earth is Tuscany. Scenic beauty, historic structures and more art per square kilometer than anywhere else on this planet, Tuscany is a delight to explore. From a 2007 trip to Tuscany, this image collection is as dramatic as it is beautiful.